How many memories have you missed out on from poor camera settings?

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I want to show you the right camera settings to get started taking great photos in any situation! In this free guide you'll see real photos I've captured along with their actual camera settings and I'll walk you through how to know which settings to change so you won't miss another picture perfect moment!

What you’ll discover in this FREE guide:

  • Camera settings for 10+ photography types including family photos with young kids, landscape, astro and more!)
  • How your cameras light meter is the key to unlocking perfectly exposed images (and how to master it even if you've never noticed it before!)
  • The biggest setting mistake new photographers make when shooting indoors and how to fix it!
  • Real personal and professional images I've captured over the past 10 years with actual camera settings to give you to better understand how your camera settings work together

Raymond Hatfield has been shooting weddings professionally for the past 10 years and hosts the Apple top 10 Visual Arts Podcast, The Beginner Photography Podcast. After more than 300 interviews with world class photographers and his own experience this free Picture Perfect Camera Settings Guide was created to help you get started with camera settings so you can start to take better photos today!

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